How do I get hold of your "software"?

We expect to be providing instructions on configuration and access to prototype apps by mid March 2015.

What hardware will I need?

To trial the software and our approach you will have the option of either accessing the demo online or you can install it on any webserver with a reasonibly current version of php / MySQL (i.e supports Drupal,Joomla and Wordpress).

Who's the software for?

The goal of the competition is to teach numeracy and literacy to students with minimal (to no) access to teachers. The target age group is between 7 to 12 - although we are looking at younger students too.

What will the software cost / Where do I buy it?

We set out from the start to make the software free to students, teachers, parents, developers etc.  Hence the OATSEA Foundation is a registered charitable Not for Profit.  We pay the bills by contributions, sponsorship,consulting and implementation project work.

What license will it be under?

Where possible Apache 2 because that's the license required by XPrize.

Is there an Android App - if so when?

We will be releasing the prototype android app shortly.  All the android app does is make it easier to connect to an OATSEA server on the Local network the Android device is connected to and show the "website" in full screen.  It also detects when there is a problem with connecting.  We could make the app the default home app but there are already many good parental control apps available that solve the problem of controlling content and access to system settings.

Why the webapp approach (html/javascript/php + MySQL) based rather than just an Android App?

We think the main technology the internet runs off (HTML/Javascript) has come a long way - just see our speech synthesis API demo as an example (works best with Chrome and Safari).  With HTML / Javascript (and PHP) the source code is visible to everyone for reuse from the start!  This makes it easy to see example code and learn from others working on the project (and websites in general).

We also think there are more people out there who know how to program in this way than there are Java developers.

What's in it for OATSEA?

We want to change the world!

What's in it for me?

For developers and designers; it's a chance to show the world what you can do and have your work on display and in use by millions of people.  It's a chance to participate in a development community that wants to share code, lessons and ideas with you for free to make things better.

For educators it's about gaining access to resources for teaching and having the chance to influence the direction of development

For students it's about having new and interesting stuff to play with.

For analysts, thinkers, tinkerers, makers, designers it's about having fun!