You can find out about the OATSEA Foundation here.

Hotspot School is about making it easy to deploy advanced, technology powered, school resources for students with minimal, to no access, to teachers.

The benefit of using a Wi-Fi Hotspot approach is that we don't have to install, maintain or fix any software on individual student devices (if we don't want to); they just need to have a working web browser.  This way we just have to worry about the central webserver running the classroom.

If we need more than one classroom we simply add another server.

And by "server" we mean something like a $35 Raspberry Pi with a reasonable size memory card.

There needs to be a server in each location anyway in order to collect results and usage and funnel this information back (physically at this stage) for review of what's working and not working.

This also allows us to make our approach available to students with internet access via either the cloud or a larger web server depending on the requirements of each school participating in our pilots prior to submission of our competition entry.

For developers it means all they need to know is HTML, Javascript and PHP (MySQL) - not Java!

If developers want the functionality of a PHP framework / set of libraries, then we would suggest working with one of the major three CMS (Joomla, Drupal or Wordpress) which we intend to pre-configure which will allow you to simply create a component/addon for that platform in the existing manner.

For educators our goal is to build "Apps" that allow them to create and manage educational content easily, with minimal IT knowledge.

For parents and students we intend to make our platform and apps available from day one for review and assessment .

We believe the solution is more than software development; it's about communities and ecologies of open source technology and creating a positive feedback loop that will allow us to generate options for education sooner than later!