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Hotspot School is the OATSEA Foundation's approach to the challenge set by the Global Learning XPrize.

Our plan is to build an open community of developers, educators, parents and students with the shared goal of solving the problem of numeracy and literacy for those without access to schools and teachers by leveraging the power of technology and community.

We want to create an open approach to using a Wi Fi router with a local webserver/s to host a "school" of educational apps and content that can be accessed by any authorised, web enabled (ie web browser) device accessing the hotspot; be it a tablet, computer, smartphone or holographic glasses!

As an open team we encourage participation in our team by either contributing, testing,reviewing/rating or documenting the ecology of apps and content we want to make available via hotspot school that any one can use for free!

If you'd like to know more please feel free to contact us via our contact form